All About Hair Loss


Understanding the Connection between Menopause and Hair Loss

Often times, the menopausal stage in women is a very emotional time. As your body swifts gear and adapt to changes, you can experience some new sensations, which you haven’t really felt before when you were younger. Other changes may be so subtle that you can’t really feel or notice it directly but the effects in will have on the other parts of your body is so prominent as in baldness or thinning of the hair.

Menopause and hair loss do not really come together as a package for all women. You don’t have to worry about losing your hair by the time you reach the menopausal stage unless you have a strong family history of baldness. If your family does have a history of baldness in both men and women, menopause and hair loss could come hand in hand in your case.

Thyroid Function

When you reach menopause, your thyroid function is usually impaired. Once the thyroid is not functioning as it used to, menopause and hair loss will begin to set in. The stress brought about by the initial hair loss could aggravate the situation. The more stressed out you are, the more hair you will lose. Although you may not be able to avoid being worried about all the hair you lose in a single day, it would be a good idea to divert your attention to some other things to avoid getting so stressed out and aggravate the situation further. Keep yourself busy with other things and stop being so obsessed with the thought of menopause and hair loss.

Getting a New Hairstyle

Most women are alarmed by the amount of hair they find on the floor every time they wash their hair. To help you divert your attention from menopause and hair loss, it would be a good idea to change your hairstyle. Having long hair would make you think that you are shedding a lot more of hair daily than you really are. Longer hair strands would make bigger pile on the floor as compared to the same number of shorted hair strands.

If you don’t want to be alarmed so much about the amount of hair on your bathroom floor every time you wash your hair, try a shorter hairstyle. Shorter hairstyle many not really prevent your hair from falling off but it could really help reduce the pile of hair on the floor.