All About Hair Loss


How to Fight Postpartum Hair Loss Successfully?

Hair loss is alarming whenever it occurs, for whichever gender and at any age. You would worry about it if it occurred when you were in your twenties; you would still worry about it if it happens when you were in your forties or in your sixties. Men are as concerned about hair loss as women. Baldness is something than nobody likes or wants; and it is fought with all possible resources and efforts.

Postpartum Alopecia (Postpartum Hair Loss) and How to Handle It

Postpartum hair loss is normal and common among new mothers. This usually happens immediately after the childbirth and will continue till about the child starts walking. The symptoms of postpartum hair loss are quite shocking; with sudden clumps of hair falling while brushing or left on the pillow, but you may take comfort in the fact that this is a temporary affliction.

Everybody knows that there is a sudden surge of hormones in the blood during pregnancy. Lots of changes in the body are due to this sudden increase in the blood flow, such as increase in breast size (as milk production starts following the hormones increase), changes in reaction to smell, taste and food requirements, change of skin color, and so on.

This is the time when hair too is affected, though most of times this is not obvious. Hair too, responding to the increase of hormones, grows faster and falls less, resulting in a better and more luxurious crowning glory. However, as soon as the child is born, the hormones are reduced to the normal required levels. Now, the situation in the body goes back to the pre-pregnancy levels.

In this way, hair will start behaving the same way as it was before the pregnancy, when it is normal to have some 50 strands of hair fall every day. The moment the hormones were reduced, the extra hair that grew during pregnancy as well as the hair that was to fall (but did not due to pregnancy) starts falling. The head will not have the capacity to support all the hair even normally speaking, since the mother’s major amount of nutrients is channelized in the milk for the baby. Hence, this results in postpartum hair loss.

However, there is nothing to worry about postpartum hair loss. Introduce into your diet a lot of green leaves (spinach, lettuce, etc) which will strengthen the hair and help in its re-generation. Consult a doctor and start taking vitamin supplements which would help to control further hair loss.