All About Hair Loss


Preventing Hair Loss by Knowing the Cause

Hair loss is a growing problem with both men and women causing a loss of self-confidence and even depression in some. However, there are many ways today in which you can successfully prevent hair loss, control the thinning and even regenerate hair growth.

The Cause of Hair Loss

It is important to find out first and foremost the reason behind your hair loss problem as there are many reasons behind it such as, hereditary, old age, bad diet, stress and/or an existing medical condition, which may cause hair loss. Preventing hair loss cannot be done successfully unless you know exactly the cause behind it.

However, once you know the cause you can approach the problem with many different tools and options. For example, if it is hereditary, you may have to look at regenerating your hair through different forms of stimulating the growth of the same such as medication, acupuncture and/or a hair transplant.

If your hair loss is due to stress, which is one of the most common causes today due to the hectic life style and poor diets most of us have, you will have to approach it with a variety of tools such as, medications, reduction in stress levels, a shampoo that fortifies your hair as well as conditions it and a diet that ensure the proper nutrition to prevent hair loss. However, if your hair loss is due to an existing medical condition and the drugs that you are administering, there is little you can do to unless you stop the drugs you are using.

Consult an Expert

Before staring any hair loss prevention treatment, consult a doctor who will not only be able to determine the cause but also put you on the right track as to what remedy is best for you; remember that your body and cause of hair loss may be unique and therefore what worked well for your friend, sister or neighbor may fail on you unless you know the cause of the same.

When using a treatment for preventing hair loss you need to give it at least a couple of months before you see any results. Any change in your diet, daily routine, medications and/or stress takes about a couple of months to impact your hair and thus, many people cannot explain their loss. For example if you had an incident today and three months later your hair started falling you would not think to connect the two and the same way it works from using any hair loss prevention treatment.