All About Hair Loss


Understanding Permanent and Temporary Reason for Hair Loss

Have you been wondering why every time you wash your hair you find a many strands of hair on your bathroom floor? One of the most common phenomenons among people around the age of 40 and above these days is hair loss. If you feel that you are about to become one of those people who are losing their hair, it would be a good idea to understand the reason for hair loss before you start to panic and try those hair loss treatments which may not really be suitable for you.

Hair loss may be permanent or temporary depending on the underlying reason for hair loss. There are a number of reasons for hair loss, it could be genetic which have more or less a permanent effect, or it could be a medical condition. If the reason for hair loss is medically related such as chemotherapy or other medications being undertaken by the person or emotional problems and stress, such hair loss may be temporary in nature.


The reason behind permanent hair loss is usually the genes of the person. There are certain people who are pre-disposed to baldness. If you belong to a family of men and women who lose their hair as they get older, genes could be the reason for hair loss in your case. Since this reason for hair loss would usually result in permanent baldness, it might be a good idea to see a hair doctor who could give you some advice on how to counter this problem.


Stress is a reason for hair loss that is temporary. If you are emotionally disturbed, your hair could lose is luster and would appear dull and lifeless. In most cases, three months after a very stressful event, a person would start losing his or her hair as an after effect. Since this is a temporary hair loss, your hair could actually grow again in a matter of time.

Another reason for hair loss is giving birth. It is very common for women to shed off some hair a few months after they give birth. Hair loss after giving birth is nothing to worry about. In most cases, women would have unnatural hair growth during pregnancy that they would really have more hair on their head than in any other times. Shedding off some of the excess hair is normal after childbirth and is not reason for you to be alarmed.