All About Hair Loss


Something You Didn’t Know about Thyroid and Hair Loss

Many people consider their hair to be a sign of beauty. This is why whenever a young person loses their hair they become somewhat panic-stricken. Nevertheless, hair loss is a part of life today. This is especially true of men who think that at a certain age they will go bald accept On the other hand, women are scared to learn that they may be suffering from hair loss. There are a lot of reasons for hair loss that people already know about. These reasons include aging, heredity, poor blood circulation, weight loss, hormones, a faulty immune system, stress, vitamin deficiency and diabetes. However, nobody really considers the problem of thyroid and hair loss.

If you already know that you suffer from any of these things then you already know what the root cause of your hair loss is. For instance, you should already know that oily hair is a sign of vitamin B insufficiency and dry hair is a sign that you lack zinc while frequent hair loss is a sign that you lack vitamin C. However, if you do not know that you suffer from any of the problems listed above or a vitamin deficiency then you should seek professional help. Your doctor will want to check to see if your thyroid and hair loss problems are intertwined. Of course your doctor will do blood work to check into this problem.

What Your Doctor Can Tell You about Thyroid and Hair Loss

It is important to understand that an under active thyroid and hair loss problems are intertwined because the thyroid gland plays a major role in the endocrine system. Therein it produces various hormones that are needed throughout the body. So, if you have an under active thyroid gland the hormones that are needed to produce healthy, strong hair will not be produced. Both men and women will suffer from this problem.

When thyroid and hair loss are related this is called hormonal hair loss. Luckily, this type of hair loss can be corrected whenever it is treated properly. This is why it is important to undergo the proper therapy that your hair loss specialist recommends, which will most likely not include the use of hair loss shampoos. Hair loss specialists will not guarantee that this works though because each of their patient’s body compositions is different. Nevertheless, following the advice of both your doctor and your hair loss specialist should set you on the proper course.