All About iPods


Features of the 30gb IPod

Apple was founded in 1976 and became known for being user friendly. Their innovative technology turned the computer industry on edge over the years. In 2001 they entered a new level in the multi-media market by introducing the Apple iPod digital audio player. This tiny invention has helped change the way people listen to music and watch movies. It stores, catalogues and plays music similar to the MP3 player. The 30gb iPod is small at 4 by 2.4 and has a downsized click wheel. Now this formidable digital audio player but brings in video. The 30gb iPod supports both photo and video playback. Integrating easily with iTunes it enables the user to download thousands of songs for a virtual jukebox. The 30gb iPod is an amazing audio player featuring the ability to play MP, ACC, WAV, AIFF and audible audio files. No wonder it is the favorite toy of the young and old alike. These days’ most young people consider an audio digital player as a vital accessory. The music industry has had to adapt to the cause and downloads have gone over a billion. Utilizing iTunes, audio and video pod casts and an abundance of downloadable music and video the 30gb iPod is pretty amazing. There is no end to the variety of music which users can find on iTunes.

Special Features

The 30gb iPod functions as a photo browser which has a slide show option. With the new larger screen the images are sharper. Thousands of photos can be stored in the 30gb iPod. If you use the Apple iPod Camera Connector images can be moved over form your digital camera. Versatile the 30gb iPod will play videos which you can down load from the iTunes store as well. You can choose from various music videos, video pod casts, free TV shows, and movie trailers. The 30gb iPod plays video encoded in MPEG-4, M4V, MOV and h.264. You can convert other video using QuickTime Pro 7 to watch home movies or other personal use media. A convenient feature allows you to bookmark your video to return to the place. Reviewers find that the 30gb iPod delivers commendable pictures, video and audio.

Other features of the 30gb iPod are the world clock, games and calendar. The iTunes store has downloadable game for fun at your fingertips. The battery life is usually 14 hours or so between charges. Market priced the 30gb iPod opens a new window to personal media devices.