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Take Care of Your Apple iPod Battery

If you’re looking to buy a new Apple iPod, you might be excited at the prospect of putting it to use right away. But be sure that you know how to keep your new iPod looking and running great for years to come. Particularly because a new Apple iPod is going to set you back more than a few dollars, you want to make sure that you’re doing everything to take care of it, so you’re not throwing money at a new one sooner than you’re ready to. Here are a few tips to prevent or recover from one of the more common problems in an Apple iPod, that of a dead battery. If you want to keep your Apple iPod running without being tethered to a plug, you need to keep your battery running. While Apple strives to make a product with a long-lasting battery life, the fact is that sometimes batteries wear out. While this is certainly something that’s undesirable, it can happen, and you should be aware of what to do if it does happen, as well as how to minimize risk that your battery will wear out soon.

One good rule of thumb is to keep your Apple iPod away from extremes in weather. Even if you plan to be in the grocery store or bank for just a minute, don’t fall temptation to leaving your iPod in the car, since extremely warm or extremely cold temperatures can damage the battery. When you’re not using the Apple iPod, make sure to put it in sleep mode so you’re not running the battery down.

If Your Battery is Dead

When the first Apple iPods came out, replacement batteries were not originally offered. Instead, Apple’s expectations were that by the time the battery needed replacement, users would purchase a refurbished Apple iPod at a high price. After some highly publicized complaints from users about battery problems, including a class-action lawsuit, Apple developed a battery replacement program that cost much less than the original cost of fixing an Apple iPod with a bad battery.

If you’re looking to go the do-it-yourself route or want a battery that will last longer on a charge, third party companies do offer replacement kits with batteries that often exceed the power of the batteries that come in the Apple iPods. Be aware, though, of difficulties with some models: iPod nanos come with a battery that is soldered onto the main board, and the newest iPods have batteries that are glued to the backplate. Even if you don’t own one of these two models, be wary of handling the battery yourself. When in doubt, have your battery replacement done by Apple. But with a little care and adhering to some of the tips listed above, the battery in your Apple iPod will last a long time.