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Discover the Features of the Eye-Catching Apple IPod Nanos

The 2nd generation ipod minis were released in 2005. A few later, the company shocked the world with its eye-catching Apple iPod Nanos to replace the minis. Although the designers of the Ipod Nano adopted the look of the full-sized ipod, it still resulted as a unique, little stunner. Measuring 80 centimeters thick, 3.5 inches long and 1.6 inches wide, the Apple iPod Nanos are designed to be 60% smaller than the mini Ipods that it replaced. Weighing only 1.5 ounces, it can easily fit into your shirt pocket without any unwanted bulges. While many people would expect only a miniature version of the original Ipod, you are sure to be surprised with several useful improvements. Although it doesn’t support video recording and doesn’t integrate an FM tuner, the Apple iPod Nanos provide a vibrant color screen, amazing interface, high quality sound and of course, a great design. The best thing about the Apple iPod Nanos is that they are designed as flash-based players, making it a skip-free device.

Maximize your Listening Pleasure with Useful Add-ons

As soon as you receive your nano, you’ll discover the same Apple-branded, white earphones. However, as soon as you pushed the on button, you’ll be surprised by the useful improvements of the Apple iPod Nanos. The best addition to the nano is the synchronization of Outlook Express and standard Microsoft Outlook calendars and contacts into your Ipod. You can easily scroll your contacts by sorting it using first or last names. If you’re a game fanatic, you’ll be thrilled with several games included in the Apple iPod Nanos. These include Music Quiz, Solitaire, Brick and Parachute, which are also included in the other Ipod.

However, a new addition is the stopwatch that is ideal for exercising. It can also be used by runners or joggers since it could record lap times, including time and date stamps. The Apple iPod Nanos also integrates an impressive world clock. You can display time in either digital or analog, which ever you feel comfortable with.

A new added feature is the screen lock for security. This feature allows you to set a 4-digit code to keep your precious music collection locked up. However, after setting the lock, you can still click on the “play or pause” buttons. In terms of performance, features, look and feel, add-ons, accessories and durability, the Apple iPod Nanos are worth every cent of your money.