All About iPods


Wear the Music with the Help of Apple’s iPod Shuffle

Apple took the world by storm when they introduced the iPod, as it was the smallest music device that could hold and play thousands on your favorite tunes. The iPod Nano came next in many different colors, sleeker and thinner; last but not least when everyone thought that music devices that get any smaller Apple introduced the Apple iPod shuffle and amazed everyone. The Apple iPod shuffle measure only 1.62 inches long and weights about half an ounce with 1GB of capacity can hold up to 240 songs; amazing isn’t it! Of course the best part is that you can attach it to your shirt’s sleeve, pant pocket, handbag, purse and/or wallet to hear your favorite songs in an unmannerly way.

Live Life on the Edge

The fact that you cannot predict what song will come next on your Apple iPod shuffle makes your music entertainment fun and exciting every time. Choose and download the al your favorite songs from the iTunes found online for your convenience and listen to an unpredictable music session for 12 hours at a time; that is right, the battery live of the Apple iPod shuffle is of 12 full hours. You can also download the music from your CDs by following the instruction provided in the manual that comes with it.

The Ultimate in Convenience and Style

Apple iPod shuffle suit every personality and style as well as every activity you have in mind; easy to carry around whether you are exercising or working you will never have to be without your favorite tunes ever again. The Apple iPod shuffle comes in metallic and white color only and that is again very convenient as it matches any type of clothes, handbags or purses. You can find the Apple iPod shuffle in all leading electronics department stores such as, Best Buys, Comp USA and Circuit City to name a few; the cost of the Apple iPod shuffle is only $79 without tax that is applicable as per the state you live in.

Helpful Tip

Apple iPod shuffle is one of the best music gadgets that you can acquire for any type of activity you have in mind and the price allows you to acquire more than one at a time if your partner, sister, brother or children want one as well because, trust me, you will not want to share your Apple iPod shuffle with anyone, ever.