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Waking With Style Every Morning with Your Ipod Alarm Clock

Are you sick and tired of being jolted awake every morning with that insistent ringing of your alarm clock? If you want to wake up in style, use an iPod alarm clock instead of that old clock that you have been using for the past years. Why do you have to suffer with such annoying ring every morning when you can wake to the tune of your favorite song?

If you have not tried using your iPod alarm clock try to look into the iPod’s extra menu. The iPod alarm clock can be found together with your calendar and notes so it should be easy for you to find. From the iPod’s main menu, click extras and then go to the clock function then select alarm clock. Once you are already inside the iPod alarm clock function, set the time when you want to wake up. After setting the time on your ipod alarm clock, set the sound by selecting a song from your iPod’s play lists then turn on the alarm. If you want to wake up to the soothing sound of classical music, then set your tune to a classical music and wake in style. You can change your music everyday if you want so that you can wake up to different types of music every morning.

Setting up Your IPod Alarm Clock

After setting up the kind of music that you want to hear when you wake up, you may not set the alarm button. When you have successful turned on the alarm on your iPod alarm clock, you will see an icon resembling and alarm will appear on the right side of the screen. If you are heavy sleeper who could not be awoken without a real loud sound, you might need a set of external speakers. To make sure that you will wake up when the alarm set off, connect a set of speakers into the headphone jack of your ipod and then turn the volume. Make sure that you turn the volume loud enough for you to wake up when the music starts playing. You can test the volume of the ipod by playing a song. If you think that the volume is not loud enough for you to awaken, just turn the volume up a bit louder until you have reached your desired sound volume.

Now, before you go to sleep, make sure that your iPod alarm clock has enough batteries to last until morning. Your iPod alarm clock will not really function without batteries so always check the batteries before you go to sleep.