All About iPods


Looking At IPod Docks

The iPod media player has changed the way people listen to music. These tiny players allow you to be in control of what you choose to listen to and how. The small machines fit in your pocket. Battery life varies and recharging is needed depending on usage. The iPod docks allow you to recharge your players. Apples Universal dock is use to charge your iPod or connect it with your computer. You can use a remote to control it. The iPod dock can be used for more that recharging the batteries of your iPod. More advanced you can connect it to your television or home stereo system and use the remote control to decide your place list and options. In the past the iPod dock was included with the purchase of your player now it needs to be purchased separately. There are many choices for this piece of equipment. The Apple iPod dock works with many of the first to fifth generation players. As the list of suppliers for Apple products has grown there has grown a wide selection of iPod docking systems. Some are sleek and clean looking while others have flashing lights and LCD screens.

Other Choices

Besides Apple a company called Escient makes the FireBall FP-1 Music Manager which can function as an iPod dock. It will allow you to interface your iPod so that it can have menu navigation through your television. It has a color screen interface that allows you to connect with either a PC or Mac. Another iPod dock is called JukeDock from Pressure Drop. It comes in black or white and allows you to charge the battery of your iPod and connect to your computer. It will allow you to use your home stereo remote control to your play list.

Tivoli Audio has introduced a fun portal called the iYiYi. It is a digital system that has a dock for the iPod. In addition it has an AM/FM turner and alarm clock. It comes in black or white. It is a universal docking system with dock adapters. It has a blue LCD display. The starting cost for this system is at $299 Xtreme Mac has a docking system called Tango which will allow you to plug in your iPod for. This iPod docking portal also has a remote control. Other suppliers of iPod docks include iSymphony, iCradle and Belkin among many others. The choices and selections for your Apple iPod dock are wide. Choose the one that best suits your needs.