All About iPods


The Rise and fall of the IPod Mini

In February 2004, Apple introduced a smaller version for the first generation of the Ipod. Dubbed as the “iPod Mini”, the new ipod weighed only 3.6 ounces that was designed to be small enough to look like a credit card. IPod Minis is covered by an anodized aluminum, which makes it more rugged and resistant to scratches compared to the traditional ipod. Just like the other Apple music devices, the iPod mini targeted active music lovers by developing a storage that could accommodate 1,000 to 1,500 songs. With an internal battery, the mini offers up to eight full hours of audio playback with every charge. The most acclaimed “click wheel” of the 4th generation iPods was first seen with the iPod mini. This click wheel matches perfectly with the scroll wheel to provide a convenient touch interface and operation buttons. With these two functions, you can easily scroll to find and play your songs.

A year after its introduction, the iPod mini became available with 6 GB capacity and designed with a better battery life that could play up to 18 hours with every charge. However, with the release of the Ipod nano in September of 2005, the production of iPod mini was discontinued.

Features of the Mini IPod

Unlike the original iPod, the screens of iPod minis are smaller, but still produce readable displays and functions. The great the about the minis is that the controls perform exactly what you want it to do. Since the minis integrate USB 2.0, downloads and uploads are easy to use and faster than the first generation of iPods. Of course, with all iPods, their exclusive iTunes can be helpful in adding great songs to your collection. A notable feature of the iPod mini is the click wheel that combines its four buttons into the scroll wheel, making it easier to use than the standard iPods. You can charge the mini using its charger or via the USB cable. However, don’t expect the mini iPod to last eight hours since most people reported a maximum 7-hour battery life, which is pretty decent for a device that small.

Just as the other iPods, the mini includes a useful dock that allows you to browse your files while charging simply by plugging your ipod into your computer. The iPod mini also includes useful add-ons, such as games, a calendar and other handy features. You can simply browse your music collection by song, album, artist, composer or genre and create your own play list. All in all, the iPod mini has been one of the memorable Apple audio devices that have been introduced into the market. It remains a best seller even if its production has been discontinued.