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The Video iPod - Movies in Your Pocket

With Apple's most recent incarnation of the iPod, movies, music, and TV programs are more portable than ever. However, your enthusiasm may be tempered by issues such as movie selection, ergonomics, and compatibility. Although you can watch downloadable movies on your iPod, it might get uncomfortable for extended periods of time. After all, one criticism (however minor) common to most reviews is that it can be extremely uncomfortable to hold the video iPod upright while watching a TV program. Most dramas are an hour long, but do you really want to spend two hours straight, or more, watching movies on your iPod? Probably not! However, it's certainly great in short stretches of time, and you could break up your sessions into 30-minute segments to resolve any issues of discomfort while watching movies on your iPod - that or you'll have to switch hands a whole lot.

You Can't Always Take It with You

Another thing to take into consideration is the fact that depending on the file format, your iPod and your movies might not be compatible. Your safest bet to ensure compatibility is to download via iTunes. There are also a few other issues to consider when you download movies for your iPod. There are a couple of movie download sites, including iTunes. Unfortunately, service at all of them has initially been rather spotty. People have complained about excessive download times, despite having high-speed internet connections. A related issue with downloaded movies is poor image quality.

Many customers of these sites have complained about sub-par pictures that are less than DVD quality, and some of the movies also display artifacts on the screen (or monitor). Most downloadable movies are also as expensive as their DVD counterparts but lack the extras that most people have come to expect. Chances are that if you download a movie, you won't get any bonuses like commentaries, photo galleries, Easter eggs, etc.

As daunting as all this may be, it is an emerging technology. If you can accept the fact that there may still be a few problems with downloadable movies, your iPod can be your best friend on a crowded bus or plane. Even with an imperfect picture and possible cramping in your hands, right now nothing beats the convenience of being able to carry all your movies with you no matter where you go. You will be pleased with your selection.