All About iPods


Discovering IPod Nano Accessories

Apple’s nano iPods bring about 2000 songs to your fingertips. The tiny player fits easily in your pocket or armband with some of the convenient cases available. Many people find the easily accessible music on the tiny player an easy and viable way to listen to their music. It is important to have great headphones when listening to your iPod. MacAlly’s mTune-N has headphones with a dock for the nano. This way with the player already docked to the headphones you don’t have to deal with cables and wires. This great iPod nano accessory allows you to plug your player in a built in slot for the nano. They are larger however. Many iPod Nano accessory suppliers make smaller forms of headphones depending on suits you and your ears. The iPod Nano accessory that comes to mind first may be the case. The iPod Nano accessory makers specializing in cases make a large amount of styles for your use. Some are solid hard cases were others are thin sheaths that fit over your iPod like a second skin iJacket makes a great case for the small iPod. They use a thicker plaster that is more resilient. It has a large opening for the screen and a small one for the Click Wheel. Costing about $16 the iJacket iPod Nano accessory case works to protect your player.

Other Must Haves

Other iPod nano accessory makers who specialize in cases include XtremeMac makers of Iconz. They are licensed to add characters to their covers such as Spongebob, ScoobyDoo and Batman. Speck, Marware, BeatBuckle and Pacific Design are other iPod Nano case accessory makers.

The versatile iPod nano may have other equipment needs. Another iPod Nano accessory is the iTrip FM Transmitter. It allows you to listen to your iPod through any Fm radio. You pick any station for your signal. The Griffen Power Duo will recharge you player. It has both the car and A/C chargers.

Apple has an iPod AV accessory kit that allows you to connect your iPod to your entertainment system to bring your personal library home. In addition there are other docking systems that will turn your iPod into its own music system for the entire household to enjoy. The versatile music player is supported by a variety of suppliers who continually bring out new cases and other iPod Nano accessories for your player. You will be more than pleased with all the choices you will have.