All About iPods


Encasing the IPod Nano

The tiny Apple iPod Nano starts at around $149. It brings 2000 songs to you for your convenience. Coming in the 2GB, 4GB and 8GB model and five bright colors the nano iPod will give you 24 hours of battery life before needing to be recharged. This bright little machine helped change the way people listen to music. No more lugging around bulky CD’s and fumbling around for just the right tunes. Pretty much you can hardly find a teen that doesn’t carry a cell phone or some sort of audio digital player device like the iPod Nano. Apple is supported by many manufacturers who provide stylish and versatile accessories for its products. The iPod Nano case is one such item. Tiny and mobile the iPod nano can be worn around your neck or even bought to match your Nike shoes. There are a variety of stylish cases available.

The Case Accessory

Icyclear iPod Nano case priced at around 20 dollars is one of the top fitters for hip designs for your player. The Icyclear iPod case is made of Lexan. This is the material which is used in bullet proof glass. It comes in a variety of colors including tinted, clear, furious red, berry, translucent, neo green and others. It is touted as being unbreakable. The case allows access to the top and face controls as well as to the dock. Though it does not have face protection. It has two parts that are held together by clips. This iPod Nano case supplies a good amount of protection.

Another one of Apple’s accessory makers Marware is offering its Sportsuit Sprinter and Sport Grip cases for the iPod nano. These iPod Nano cases are designed for the (Product Red) Special Edition. One of their points with this cover is a joint company project designed to raise money for AIDS research and education in Africa. Marware’s iPod Nano cases are designed as armband holders for active people such as runners, walkers and others on the go. The Sportsuit Sprinter comes with a hand strap and Velcro closure with black and red accents. The Sport grip comes in silicone red. This iPod Nano case has a screen protector and allows access to the features of your nano iPod.

Other iPod Nano case suppliers include ezGear which offers the clearCase nano G2. It costs around $18 and has and opening for the click wheel. Tunewear, Speck, and PodDress are also suppliers of iPod Nano cases.