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Big Music with iPod Nano Speakers

If you want to blast music from your iPod Nano, you'll need speakers. Fortunately, you can get speakers made for iPod Nanos specifically, or just go with a standard set of mini speakers. This article takes a look at some speakers for the iPod Nano. If you don't have a home stereo system to plug your iPod Nano into, mini speakers by various companies like Sony, Coby, or even Koss work just fine. They're generally pretty affordable too, and all you have to do is plug the speakers into the iPod Nano's headphone jack to start enjoying music. Depending on the model, some speakers may or may not require batteries, or they may come with a power adapter or USB cable. An average set of mini speakers will run you about $10, like the Sony SRS-P7 Passive Speaker System with Stereo Mini-Plug Input, which was listed for $9.99 at You won't get the same quality you would with a nice set of Bose speakers or other home system, but it should be adequate for personal use as long as you don't expect CD quality sound. Although mini speakers work fine with iPod Nanos, stylistically they don't really match up that well. If you want speakers designed for iPod Nanos, you can try the iPod Nano Portable Aluminum Speakers with USB Power Cord. These speakers cost $9.99 at, which also has the iPod Foldable Multimedia Speaker - HiSound for $39.99 (check the website for current prices and availability).

Other Features

Both of these units work with most iPods, not just Nanos, as well. They have a vaguely iPod look to them and come in white. Still, they're definitely not the most exciting looking speakers ever. If you want unique looking ones, try visiting The Sharper Image online at or flip through one of their catalogs. If nothing else, they have some unique looking speakers and accessories for Nanos and iPods. For example, they have the "organic looking orb" (as described in the catalog) Magic Wave Speakers, which includes an FM transmitter that works via a motion sensor and a light show! You can plug it right into your iPod via the headphone jack.

The Magic Wave costs $39.95, and there are other fun products like the miFlower. You can plug this flower-like speaker/toy into your iPod, and it will bop along to your music by moving and flashing its lights. It also has an LCD face and includes a clock. The miFlower costs $24.95. There are also other fun speakers/toys like the i-Dog or i-Cat as well, so check them out if you're looking for something different.