All About iPods


Movies Go Mobile with a Video iPod

The sale of the iPod and the iTunes service has been wildly successful, partly due to the great design of the iPod and partly due to the inexpensive cost of downloading single songs and even whole albums off iTunes. Once again, Apple has decided to be at the forefront of the field of portable entertainment with their newest generation of players. These video iPods allow you to watch movies, music videos, and even your favorite television shows on a small color screen. There are plenty of reasons to take advantage of the new video iPod for portable video fun. While no one in their right mind will suggest watching videos on the road, the video iPod is great for trips on the bus or subway, where you don’t have to watch the road closely and you might not have anything to keep yourself occupied. People have been using headphones to give them a greater sense of personal space while in the middle of public transit for a while now.

If you’ve got a child in the car, loading up some television shows and a movie onto your video iPod can take some of the boredom out of a long car trip for them, and all without having to pack a small library of DVDs. Even if videos aren’t your thing, listening to some music or a pod cast, which is like a downloadable radio show, on your iPod in the car can make the commute less dull.

You’re Stuck between Classes

If you’re in college, sometimes you get stuck with a break in your classes that doesn’t give you enough time to hit the dorm or drive home, and that can leave you with not enough to do. Using a video iPod, you can kick back and relax in the hallways of your university. And even if you’re not stuck between classes, a video iPod is a great purchase for a college student. Because it’s so compact, a video iPod can go everywhere a college student goes, and the low price of downloading movies and music on iTunes can provide a student with entertainment on a small budget.

No iPod? No Problem!

One of the great things about the iTunes music store is that you don’t need a video iPod to enjoy the videos you purchase through apple, just a computer at home. The iTunes program itself is a player for the music and videos downloaded. Keep in mind, of course, that just because a video looks crisp on a small screen doesn’t mean that it’ll look great when watched in full screen mode on your computer. However, it’s a great option if there’s a show you like that’s sold through iTunes and you don’t have that cable station. Whether you’ve purchased one of their new video iPods or just downloading videos to use with iTunes, Apple’s goal is to provide inexpensive music and video entertainment to you.