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An Angel Music Box Makes for A Unique and Special Gift

Sometimes things happen in life that require a little encouragement. For people who are religious, much of this encouragement comes in the form of angels as religious figures. Angels are beautiful examples of the unseen forces that can truly be of support and help to those in need. If you have a loved one that needs a special gift, an angel music box is a great gift for consideration.

Kinds of Angel Music Boxes

The Ardleigh Elliott Company designs many beautiful angel music boxes. One such group of angel music boxes is from the Seraphim Angelic Inspirations Music Box Collection. It features classic angels whose purpose is to provide comfort during difficult times. For example, these angel music boxes are wonderful to give to a woman who has just beaten or is still going through breast cancer.

These angel music boxes were designed by Gaylord Ho, who is a Master Sculptor of Seraphim Classics. These boxes are made out of Heirloom Porcelain, and are decorated with bands of 22 karat gold. The fight against breast cancer has several meaningful symbols attributed to it, and these music boxes are also decorated with some of those symbols.

Additionally, each angel music box sculpture is hand-painted, which makes it all the more precious. Each music box is also inscribed with prayers of healing and of strength. Each music box comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, and is hand-numbered. For those that are curious about the inner workings of the music box, the eighteen-note musical movement can be viewed simply by opening the lid.

Each of these special edition angel music boxes measures 6 inches in height. The song that each music box plays varies, but, for example, the first music box in the series, entitled “Hope,” plays the song “You are the Wind Beneath My Wings.” That music box is also inscribed with a famous prayer, the “Serenity Prayer.”

For thousands of years, the figure of the angel has been a source of strength and comfort to many people who are in need. These special music boxes are meant to calm the fears of those who are going through difficult times. By giving a loved one in need one of these special edition angel music boxes, you are telling them that they are not alone and that you support them, and that, is indeed a precious gift.