Everybody loves a music box


Baby Music Boxes: Special Gifts for Little Ones

When there is a new baby in the family, people often want to give it a special memento that the baby will be able to enjoy for many years. Babies love music, and so baby music boxes are a decorative and wonderful gift.

Kinds of Baby Music Boxes

Baby music boxes are ideally meant to be given as decoration in the nursery. They are no meant to be play things as the child gets older, as they can easily break. When it comes to selecting a baby music box, there are a variety of different kinds to choose from.

The Charlie Brown Peanuts characters are always a favorite topic for children’s gifts, and when it comes to baby music boxes, they are certainly no exception. The Lenox Baby Snoopy Keepsake Music Box is a wonderful item.

It is accented with 24 karat gold, and made out of Lenox hand-painted ivory fine China. It features a baby Snoopy reading to Woodstock while sitting on a stack of building blocks. This baby music box plays “Lullaby” by Brahms.

Some baby music boxes are designed in such a way for baby girls that they can be a wonderful decoration for the nursery, and then a jewelry box for when they get older. An example of this is a baby music box called the Just in Case Music Box. A little fairy spins to the song “Beautiful Dreamer.” This is also a lovely little jewelry box with four drawers.

There are also baby music boxes that commemorate important times in the baby’s development, such as when he or she learns to walk. An example of this is the Lunt Baby Music Shoe Box, which is decorated with a lovely bow, and on either side has a silver shoe.

For more ideas, ask the parents what colors the nursery is decorated in, as the music box can be purchased to match with the room. This is also a fun way for the child to, in future years, look at the music box and know that his or her nursery had the same colors.

Baby music boxes can be purchased through catalogs and specialty baby stores. You can also buy them online, as there are a variety of different websites that feature them in their inventory. Indeed, when you are looking for a lovely decorative gift for a little one, a music box is an excellent choice.