Everybody loves a music box


Christmas Music Box: Buying a Gift for Your White Elephant Gift Exchange

One of the longest running Christmas traditions in offices and at parties is the white elephant gift exchange. If you are planning to join in a white elephant gift exchange this Christmas but still have no idea what to gift to bring to the party, you might want to consider bring a Christmas music box. A music box is ideal when it comes to exchanging gifts because it is not gender or age-specific. Whether a woman, man or child gets a music box, it is perfectly all right.

Bringing a Christmas music box would be very appropriate for the occasion especially when your gift exchange do not have a theme. A Christmas music box is easy to find so you will not really have so much trouble trying to find one. All you need to do is to go the department store and pick up a Christmas music box from the shelves. You can also order your Christmas music box online. The good thing about ordering your music box online is that you will not need to spend so much time trying to fight the traffic just to get to the store and buy your gift. Note that in most cities in the United States, traffic is usually very heavy in the holiday season so it is better for you to order your stuff online to save time and effort.

Preparing Your Gift for the White Elephant Gift Exchange

Although there are many variations in the rules of the white elephant gift exchange, one universal rule is that the gift should be wrapped properly as the person who will receive it will have to open it in front of every body. If you are planning to give a Christmas music box for the white elephant gift exchange, you should make sure that you put it securely in a box and stuff it will shredded paper or bubble wrap. Pack the music box tightly so that it will not be damaged.

Once the Christmas music box is securely lodged inside the box, get nice gift wrap and wrap the box. You may also put some ribbons around your gift to make it look really nice. When you place your gift among the other gifts under the tree before the gift exchange, it is better if you place your gift on the bottom portion, preferably on the floor to prevent it from falling down and getting damaged.