Everybody loves a music box


Custom Music Box: When You Want Something that Is Uniquely Your Own

Are you one of those people who are very creative and would like to have something that is unique? If you were one of those people who like something unique, a custom music box is perfect for you. The good thing about a custom music box is that you can ask the maker to make a design that definitely reflects your taste. You can design the custom music box in any way you like.

A custom music box is suitable for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and the like. If your friend or a family member is getting married and you would like to give him or her something that is different, you can always order a custom music box.

Custom Music Box Ideas for Special Occasions

If you are thinking of ordering a custom music box for specific occasions, here are some ideas that could be useful to you. For birthdays, you may order a music box with the picture of the birthday celebrant engraved or printed on the box. You can add a couple of lines of poetry to add a more personal touch. As for the music, you may use the favorite music of the birthday celebrant. Now, to jazz up the custom music box, you might want to add something unique like a small dancing figurine that has the face of the birthday boy or girl!

When designing a custom music box as wedding gift, you may want to create a music box that will serve as an archive of the wedding mementos. Choose a bigger music box where the newly weds can store their wedding invitations, a copy of the wedding vows, some pictures of the couple, their wedding announcements etc. You may use the couple’s favorite songs as your music box tune.

For wedding anniversaries, you may use some old wedding pictures to decorate the custom music box. A collage of pictures wrapped around the music box would do the trick. You should use the favorite songs of the couple as your music box tune. If you can find the songs that were sang during their wedding that would be great.

Now, if you are giving the custom music box to a newborn baby, you should find a design that is truly unique. You may choose a design that features a sleeping child in the crib complete with a lullaby as your music.