Everybody loves a music box


My Music Box Mechanism is Broken – Now What?

A music box is a small box that you can open and put things in that mean a lot to you. Some music boxes serve as jewelry a box, which means that you can store your precious heirlooms in them. Some of them are just plain boxes, which you can use to store other mementos of your life. Often, a music box can be passed down from generation to generation because it is something that is very special and meaningful to many people.

What Makes a Music Box Special?

What makes a music box special is the fact that when you open it up, it plays music. There is a music box mechanism that can tell whether or not the lid is closed. Usually, the music box mechanism is a spring that springs up when the lid is opened. Once this happens, it releases the pressure on a small music player, and a song starts to play. In the older music boxes, a music box mechanism contain springs that needed to be wound up. Therefore, if you didn’t wind up your music box, even if the lid was opened and the music box mechanism was sprung, the song wouldn’t play.

In the newer music box mechanism, there might be a sensor that tells you when the box is open. This might even be electronic, and when the light of the open box hits the music box mechanism it will cause a battery operated song to start playing. The newer music box mechanism is easy to replace because they are all the same and can simply be taken out and put in again. However, the vintage music box mechanism is harder to replace, and if it breaks will need to be fixed instead of simply replaced.

If you are having trouble with your music box mechanism, the best thing to do is to go back to where you bought the music box and see if it can be fixed. If it is an older music box, and therefore it is an older music box mechanism, you should still visit a place that sells or makes music boxes; because they will be better able to help you fix your music box mechanism.

Don’t entrust an heirloom piece to any old repair shop. Make sure they specialize in your style of music boxes and have some sort of written guarantee and liability coverage. Enquire about rates and referrals if your box is very precious to you and only then hand it over.