Everybody loves a music box


The Music Box Theater is Home to Musical Productions and More

The Music Box Theater is not a very large Broadway theater; rather it is considered to be on the small side as compared with other Broadway houses. This theater got its name from the Music Box that was the inspiration behind its creation. This creation of architect C. Howard Crane as well as composer Irving Berlin and, also producer Sam H. Harris was meant to cater to Berlin’s famed Music Box Revues. The Music Box Theater began functioning in 1921 and, was home to many a musical production.

In 1925, the Music Box Theater presented its first play called the Cradle Snatchers and, from then on there was no looking back as it hosted many famous hit musicals including the smash hit Once in a Lifetime. Famous names such as Cole Porter and George and Ira Gershwin have all graced this unique theater, which also hosted playwright William Inge’s successful plays – Picnic, Bus Stop as well as The Dark at the Top of the Stairs.

It had a seating capacity of 1,010 seats that was considered ideal for the kind of lavish revues being performed and, was also suitable for large cast plays that enjoyed huge success at the time, especially during the Great Depression Era. Celebrated playwrights of the stature of George S. Kaufman as well as Moss Hart enjoyed considerable success. There have been many great composers of that time that have enjoyed great success with their works here, at the Music Box Theater.

Exquisite Interior

The interior of the Music Box Theater is charming and has an intimacy as well as loveliness that exude charm and, with tasteful decorations, this theater is certainly very unique. Its theater box seats are exceptional and unusually large as well as round and, are sometimes be referred to as “ashtrays”. Downstairs, there is a handsome lounge with many beautiful wall paintings and, even the restrooms have plenty of space. The lobby commemorates the rich history of Irving Berlin as well as the Music Box Theater.

Mostly, one would be comfortable to be seated anywhere in this lovely theater but, if one were to be seated in the center orchestra or front mezzanine, the experience may just be that little extra special. The Music Box Theater, needless to say, has a rich history of exclusively hosting the very best in musical revues and even, many smash musicals as well as plays. A visit to this extra special theater would be one to savor for many years to come, especially by those who love music and theater.