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The Porter Music Box: A True Work of Art

There are many different kinds of music boxes, some simple, and others ornate. Music boxes that are handmade out of wood make for lovely collector’s pieces. If you are looking for a music box that is truly a work of art, a Porter Music box is an excellent choice.

About Porter Music Boxes

Porter Music boxes are meant to look like antique music boxes straight out of Victorian Europe. Additionally, Porter music boxes are known throughout the world not only for the intricate, well-made designs, but also for the excellent tone and quality of the musical instruments that are used for the sounds of each piece.

Porter music boxes are disc-style music boxes, and are the largest of that kind being manufactured today. Randolph, Vermont, is where each and every detail of Porter music boxes are made. Each Porter music box is in special cabinets that exclusively come from Italy.

Since a great deal of care goes into making Porter music boxes, you will find that if you purchase one, it has a superior harmonic resonance, and multiple octaves. Premium quality tools and advanced CNC lathes are used to make these beautiful music boxes.

When you think of music boxes, you generally assume that they come with selected songs already. Porter music boxes are different, in that you can choose whatever song you would like out of a catalog of over a thousand songs. The categories that you can choose from include (but are not limited to) Classical tunes, Polkas and Two Steps tunes, as well as Popular Tunes of the Past.

The size of Porter music boxes vary, depending on what model you would like to purchase. Some are small enough to sit comfortably on a table, while others are large enough to be considered their own piece of furniture!

These music boxes are actually so artistic that there is even a museum that displays some of them. Many of these music boxes were generously donated to the museum from the private collections of previous owners.

Porter music boxes used to only be purchased if you went in person to their Vermont location and ordered one. However, now you can order one online through their official website. Be aware that these music boxes are expensive because they are true world of art, but be able to enjoy the beautiful sounds and looks of one of these music boxes makes it all worth it.