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Reuge Music Box: Swiss Beauty And Craftsmanship

Mechanics and movement seem to just go hand in hand when it comes to Switzerland. Actually, more like mechanics, movement, and beauty. From pocket watches to clocks to music boxes, Swiss craftsmanship is world renowned. The Reuge music box is certainly no exception. They are timeless expressions of what is so loved about this country.

The music box itself has had quite an evolution; just as with watches, these intricate marvels of music and movement were first designed and crafted in Switzerland. The first factory specifically built to make music boxes opened its doors in 1815. The proud owners Jeremie Recorden and Samuel Junod had no idea this simple device would become and industry that would so captivate the world.

The invention of the phonograph by Thomas Edison and the inclusion of discs by German inventors brought the music box to a completely new level. Sadly, the more luxurious boxes became a distant memory by the rising of the twentieth century and two world wars.

What Is So Special About Reuge Music Boxes?

Charles Reuge was just a watch maker when he moved from Val-de-Travers to Sainte – Croix in 1865. It was there than he changed his tune and began incorporating music movements into the making of his pocket watches. The Reuge music box would be born not too far into the future.

It was actually Charles’ son Albert Reuge who spearheaded one of the oldest and most respected music box companies in history. His tiny selling stand grew into a workshop, and later into a bonafide company. Reuge further secured their place as the cream of the crop by purchasing many of their competitors and putting themselves ahead of the pack.

Reuge music boxes are still being made in the beautiful, snow capped county of Switzerland. They are still known for the precision movement and one-of-a-kind displays. You can choose between automated movement and the classic styles. You can also select other types of materials, whether wood or metal to have a truly unique addition to your home.

Many older Reuge music boxes have been discontinued, making them incredibly valuable to the right collector. Even the more modern music boxes are still going to cost a pretty penny. Several bags of pretty pennies to be more exact. You are not just buying a music box though; you are buying a Reuge music box. You are buying the reputation, the history, and the assurance that it will work like no other music box.