Is Planned Parenting the Best Way to Have a Child?

Planned parenting was not a common practice until recent years; people enjoyed being surprised by a pregnancy and were overjoyed at the thought of a new baby without worrying about their finances or careers. However, things have changed vastly today, men and women both have careers, finances are a challenge to manage from month to month and planned parenting has become imperative in order to maintain this fragile balance.

When is the Best Time to be a Parent?

The best time to be a parent is when you are ready for it both physically and financially. In theory it is as simple as that but in reality there are many obstacles that inevitably appear along the way. Therefore planned parenting is strongly advised. Here are a few points to ponder, which may help you plan your family:

Age Factor Give yourself an age limit by which time you should have a baby. This is important both for your health and that of your child due to the fact that when the body gets older the immune system becomes weaker and you will be prone to infection and other complications, which can be passed on to your baby as well.

Financial Status Financially is very hard to know when to say We have enough. Therefore, if you have a secure job, a home and a comfortable balance in the bank, you have enough to support a baby. Planned parenting should not revolve around unrealistic financial goals as once you have a baby, you will want to work twice as hard anyway -this time for your baby.

Involve your Partner Planned parenting is all about doing things together with your partner. Discuss what time seems right and work around that, but dont expect to have everything go exactly as planned. Infertility, illness and other complications could change your time frame.

Parenting is a Blessing

Probably the most beautiful experience in the world is to be a parent therefore, dont rush into it. Plan your family carefully so that you are ready for the baby and dont feel like you had so many other things that you wanted to do before you become a parent. However, dont wait too long either as time is the only thing that you can never reserve; once lost it is gone forever. You will never regret having a baby, but you might regret not having one.