The Emotional Trials of Teenage Parenting

Some people cite the terrible twos as being the most difficult time in their parenting career. Well, those people have either not yet experiences teenage parenting, or were very lucky. Teenage parenting can be very difficult, and thus can be very emotionally taxing for parents.

Angst, Dating, and Teenage Parenting

The first thing that parents need to know about teenage parenting is that it will involve a lot of patience. Teenagers will either always need a shoulder to cry on, or they will act out and refuse the help of their parents. Both, reactions of course, have a basis in the effects of puberty.

Teenagers have many things to deal with both emotionally and physically thanks to the effects of puberty. Those embarking upon the journey of teenage parenting must understand that puberty is not just about changing bodies and acne, it is also about hormones and testosterone.

Teenagers, be they boys or girls, undergo tremendous changes in their chemical makeup, and these changes can manifest themselves in ugly ways. Everything can become very dramatic very fast, and one of the trials of teen parenting is acting as a mediator.

There are two main categories of teenagers: those that are receptive to parental advice and those that become disrespectful and try to rebel against all kinds of parental authority. Although parents would naturally wish for the first category, both categories can result in the parent becoming emotionally drained.

For those parents dealing with a teenager who is receptive to parental advice, the best thing to do is try to steer the teenager away from being distraught and get them to focus on the more positive side of things. An anecdote from a parents teenage past can be very helpful in particularly tense situations.

Parents, who have to deal with difficult, unresponsive teenagers, must enact a policy of tough love. Teenagers need to understand that their parents are their biggest supporters, so it does no good to try and rebel against the ones who are trying to help.

Indeed, the trials of teenage parenting can be many, and trying to keep a teenager on the right track can be tiring. However, parents can take comfort in the fact that their teenager will not be a teenager forever. After all is said and done, a child might even thank a parent for being there for them no matter what during their teenage years.