When Early Signs of Pregnancy Can Be Deceptive

We all know and recognize most of the early signs of pregnancy. However, these signs are not always indicative that you are pregnant. Usually, the best way to confirm whether you are pregnant or not, is by taking a pregnancy test. There are a number of inexpensive EPTs that can help you in this regard. Read on to find how deceptive some of the most common symptoms can be.


Missing a period is one of the most common early signs of pregnancy. Many women take this sign or symptom as a confirmation of pregnancy, and many times it would be true. However, be aware that period can be delayed and even stopped when a woman is going through acute mental stress or when the body is producing more progesterone and estrogen hormones, causing cessation of ovulation over a certain period of time.

Morning nausea is another sure fire early sign of pregnancy. This symptom usually appears when you have crossed 4-6 weeks of pregnancy. However, this symptom may also mean that you are suffering from a stomach flu. It has also been observed that this is a symptom that is characteristic to phantom pregnancy, which occurs when a woman wishes to become pregnant too much, but does not.

Tenderness and swelling in breasts is an early sign of pregnancy, which could at times also indicate early signs of cancer. Hence, it is always good when you are in doubt to check with the doctor. Cancer is totally curable if caught in the first two stages. Alternatively, tenderness in breast could also mean that a woman is about to ovulate.

Urge to urinate frequently is among the more popular early signs of pregnancy. However, in women who are not pregnant, this symptom could mean that the woman is suffering from diabetes. Women who drink a lot of aerated drinks (colas, fantas, etc) will also suffer from this symptom.

Pregnancy many times involves sudden craving of particular foods, sometimes even food which normally the person would never eat or crave for. When not pregnant, this symptom means that there is an acute shot-fall of a certain vitamin and/or mineral in the body. The craving of whatever food is born out of this shortfall.

Looking at the above, you will find that you cannot really be too sure about being pregnant or not with the help of only the early signs of pregnancy. In order to confirm, one would definitely need a doctor and/or a pregnancy test.