How to Overcome the Troubles of the First Trimester Pregnancy

You learn you are pregnant, and it is a time to celebrate and share the good news with your family and friends. Pregnancy is one of the most fulfilling phases in a woman’s life and one that changes her life forever. Sometimes, though, the joy is overshadowed by the number of difficult symptoms that are characteristic of the first trimester of pregnancy.

Most women will complain of nausea and vomiting sensation during the first trimester pregnancy. This is commonly known as morning sickness, though many times it does not get limited only to the mornings. When you are assaulted by nausea, eat a few salty crackers; this has been found to be extremely effective in majority of the cases. Alternatively, you could consult your doctor for a prescription which could stop the symptom. Do not, under any circumstance, self-medicate yourself however tempting it might be.

Just as soon as the pregnancy commences, women would find that they have developed very peculiar food cravings. Most of the time it would involve the wish to eat something sour, though generally it could be anything from spicy food to sweets. It does not matter how the food you crave for now tasted before the pregnancy. The first trimester pregnancy can make you a fan of the most unusual combinations. Unless it is a harmful substance, go ahead and indulge in your cravings. Often these unusual desires will end as abruptly as they started once the first trimester pregnancy ends.

The first trimester pregnancy will sometimes manifest itself with unusual urges to urinate frequently small amounts of urine. This is nothing to worry about, though quite inconvenient. Do not reduce the intake of water to control the urination as this might lead to other problems. Inform your doctor, and wait it out.

Some women find that they develop strong aversion to particular smells, such as spicy food, milk, perfume, disinfectant and so on. The best way to handle this is to carry something that you like to smell, for example orange (or lemon) essence in a hanky and smell that whenever you are disturbed by an unpleasant smell. This symptom too, will pass soon enough.

In the first trimester of pregnancy the body is assaulted with hormones which result in breast tenderness and swelling. The pain and discomfort will calm down in the second and third trimesters. Indeed, knowing what to expect in a pregnancy can certainly help.