What Does the Online Pregnancy Test Involve?

The online pregnancy test is a fast and exceedingly simple way of finding out whether you are pregnant or not. Keep in mind, however, that this is strictly an indicative test and in no way can be considered as a final method for confirmation of pregnancy.

Typical Questions

The online pregnancy test is usually taken to get an idea in regards to the criteria to watch out for, when and if you are pregnant. This test should be taken not earlier than 12 – 15 days after the due date for your menstrual period.

The questions that you would have to answer for the online pregnancy test would be somewhat like the following model. These questions will be answered only by “Yes” and “No.”

Did you miss your period this month? You should be at least 10 days late to answer “Yes” to this question.

Are you experiencing any spotting (tiny drops of blood- not exactly bleeding)? This would look as brown or light pink dots.

Do you feel the need or are urinating more often? This can only be answered with “Yes” if you are experiencing these symptoms about seven days after you miss your period.

Do you experience a sudden slight rise in temperature that you cannot explain off hand? This symptom will be obvious only about 15 days after you miss your period.

Do you, all of a sudden, feel that you are drained out without any valid reason? Fatigue is one of the symptoms which can indicate that you are pregnant.

Do you feel pain and tenderness in your breasts? This happens due to the sudden hormone onslaught that follows pregnancy. The breasts feel full, tender and could even feel painful at touch.

Look at the areolas (the area around your nipples). Do you find this area darker and more pronounced? This is due to the raise of hormone levels in the blood.

Do you find that you have sudden cravings for food that you are not really too fond of normally? This is one of the earliest signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

Do you feel a heightened sexual attraction and need for sex? Sometimes, due to sudden surge of hormones in the blood, you will feel the heightened need for sexual gratification.

There could be many more questions such as these in an online pregnancy test. If you answer two or more questions with “Yes” then the test results are positive. However, the online pregnancy test is an indicator rather than a diagnostic tool, hence whatever the results, these should be confirmed with a regular test.