A Few Facts About a Pregnancy Due Date Calendar

First of all, let us define the pregnancy due date calendar – this is a sequential record of the transformations that the pregnancy brings about in the life and body of a woman and her baby (fetus). This pregnancy due date calendar is usually maintained on a weekly basis and has an emotional value to the mother (and later on to the child as well) and is a medical interest to the doctor.

How Important is it to Maintain a Pregnancy Due Date Calendar?

The first and foremost thing that a pregnancy due date calendar will help you with is to know your due date, which is the date when you are expected to deliver your baby. This piece of intelligence will form the crux of your pregnancy phase, as you will endeavor to do your best to be ready for the arrival of the baby on that due date.

Whatever would be needed, in terms of building a nursery, procuring adequate clothes, toys, etc. for the baby, would have to be finished within this due date. Hence, knowing the due date will facilitate your planning better.

The calendar starts with the last date of the menstruation and ends with the delivery date. The doctor has a formula to calculate this, and once he or she knows the date of your last period, the due date will be calculated in seconds. This is one of the most important outcomes of the pregnancy due date calendar.

Once this is done, the whole pregnancy term is divided into three semesters of three months each, and then further again into 12 weeks each. The development of the pregnancy as well as the development of the fetus each week is documented in this calendar. These entries do not reflect only medical data, but also the way the would-be mother felt each step of the way as well as regular updates regarding the baby.

This is an exciting way to keep track of the development of the growing baby, besides monitoring closely the baby’s and mother’s health. There are many times when this type of calendar has been used as a diagnostic and preventive tool for some very serious complications.

All other matters aside, maintaining a pregnancy due date calendar is a lot of fun for the mother-to-be. With this calendar, not only can the mother keep abreast with each and every new development in her body and in that of her baby’s, but she can also encourage the formation of a bond deeper than ever, even before the baby’s birth.