Get a Week by Week Pregnancy Email

Once your doctor confirms the good news, especially for first time parents, a great idea is to sign up at a pregnancy or baby website such as Baby Center and get week by week pregnancy updates delivered right to your inbox. The service is easy and free; all you have to do is provide your due date and email address and voila the emails arrive each week tailored to your stage of pregnancy.

Expectant moms would love to know that this is the week her baby will be growing fingernails or this is the week he is the size of an avocado. Although this is helpful for veteran moms too, first timers find immense joy being able to visualize that tiny little baby growing in their belly.

A week by week pregnancy guide is available on many sites and there is no obligation for you to buy anything from them. It is just their way of connecting with new parents and linking them to useful resources. You can also chat with other moms at your stage of pregnancy and discuss issues that may be bothering or pleasantly surprising you. Many such websites also offer expert answered questions to frequent queries although they all state that the advice on a ‘Your Pregnancy Week by Week’ email should not be used as a substitute for your own doctor’s recommendations.

Great for Dads Too!

A week by week pregnancy email update is perfect for dads too, rookies or not. Most of them do not have the inclination to read through books or baby magazines, and a short email once a week which they just need to surf through while checking other stuff is about the right dose for them. They may even want to start discussing baby names and nursery colors when they read about how millions of other parents are doing so.

Such a guide even provides checklists such as what questions to ask your OB at each visit, what shopping list needs to be tackled first and how to thank the hostess for the baby shower. The useful links in every email can direct you to other related information at the click of a mouse. So whether it is cord blood banking you are considering or whether to get your son circumcised or not, there are links that may help you make a more informed decision.

Of course there will be advertisements; after all that is how you get the week by week pregnancy email for free. But they may not be very annoying as they’ll be for stuff you’ll be considering anyways, so it may help to find a few sponsored links to help shop around for the best announcement cards or the cutest layette.