Pregnancy Yoga: Say “Om”

For many, yoga is a stereotyped activity that leads participants into a new-aged sense of peace. Yoga, however, is an exercise that has many proven health benefits such as strength training, increased flexibility, and decreased stress.

Yoga can also be very beneficial to women during pregnancy. Pregnancy yoga is a great way to keep exercise in a pregnant woman’s routine. Read below for more examples of the benefits of pregnancy yoga and what positions you should incorporate into what trimesters.

First Consult a Doctor

Before beginning any exercise routine during pregnancy, it is always wise to consult with a doctor. Every pregnancy is different, each carrying a unique level of risk. Even though yoga is relatively low-impact, it is still important to have a doctor’s approval before implementing this into the day to day routine.

The Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

The benefits of enjoying yoga during pregnancy include relieving water retention and cramping. In addition, yoga helps pregnant woman maintain energy, reduce morning sickness, and nausea. Pregnancy yoga also helps women breathe and relax, helping them to focus. The practice of yoga can also help loosen the joints and muscles used during childbirth.

Consider the Trimester

When starting a yoga routine during pregnancy, the trimester is key. It is important to know which poses are good for which trimester before beginning. First trimester poses include the full butterfly, which allows the loosening of the joints in the hips and the knees. A good second trimester pose is the palm tree pose, in which the arms are raised and the chest, shoulders and arms are stretched upwards. Third trimester poses include the full butterfly again as well as shoulder rotations.

Proceed With Caution

Try to take yoga classes with an emphasis on pregnancy. If one is not available, be sure the instructor knows that you are pregnant. Avoid poses where you are lying on your back after the first trimester. Keep your balance in check. If you feel unstable during any of the poses, stop. You do not want to risk falling.

Women in general should avoid back bends, one leg poses, the camel pose, handstands and headstands, as well as the upward bow during all trimesters of pregnancy. Pregnancy yoga is a great way to keep exercise into your daily routine. Still, it is always important for pregnant women to exercise caution and follow their doctor’s advice.