What to Do Before Your First Sign of Pregnancy

If you are thinking about getting pregnant in the near future, here are a few things you should start doing before you get pregnant to ensure a smoother sailing and a healthier baby:

Reach your Ideal Weight

Calculate your ideal weight using the BMI or body mass index which gives you a healthy range of weight to be in according to your height and age. Not only is it easier to achieve pregnancy if you are at an ideal weight, it also helps in reducing pregnancy complications. If you are over or under weight, talk to your doctor about the safest way to reach your ideal weight before the first sign of pregnancy.

Get a Dental Exam

This may sound unnecessary but what if you are among the lucky few and are thrilled by one or more signs of pregnancy next month. Then routine exams and some procedures are difficult if not impossible during pregnancy and therefore getting a thorough check up before hand is always a safer route to go.

Other Precautions

Get a pap smear and catch up with any missed immunizations such as one for rubella (German measles) which could harm your baby if you catch it during pregnancy.

Start taking prenatal vitamins before a sign of pregnancy so your body has the right nutrients to start off with. You could get a prescription vitamin from your health care provider or an over the counter one, just make sure that it has the required amount of folic acid which is instrumental for your baby’s growth.

Adopt Healthy Habits

If you smoke, take drugs or drink, stop. It may be easier said than done, and one word may not help much, but visualize being responsible fro bringing a brand new life in this world, and perhaps that will be motivation enough to say good bye to the bad habit before you feel sure signs of pregnancy. If you do not exercise or if you have any other negative habits, try to change them before hand so your pregnancy can get off to a healthy and bright start.

Family History

Now is the time to sit down with Grandma Jean and ask her about any family occurrences of diabetes, hypertension, genetic abnormalities and the like. Your doctor will ask you these questions when you go for a pre-conception visit or after your first sign of pregnancy, and it is important you know the correct answers so that she can run any additional tests if deemed necessary.

Keep Stress under Control

Reduce your stress level. Although this may not directly be in your hands, try to reduce work or relationship stress from taking a toll on you so that you can focus on planning and enjoying your pregnancy. Good luck!