You Can Prevent Teen Pregnancy by Being a Friend to Your Children

Sex should not be a taboo subject in your home if you would like to be a friend to your children and prevent teen pregnancy. No matter whether your child is a girl or a boy, teen pregnancy is equally traumatic to both. Many times it is too shocking for words, and being without proper guidance the children end up in endangering their lives and that of others as well.

Teach Your Children the Benefits of Sex with Responsibility

Do not shy away from explaining to your daughter or son the benefits of responsible sex. Not only would such a talk prevent teen pregnancies, it would also place you in an advisory role. In this role, your child can refer to you and get the best and correct answers regarding such problems. Teach your children the importance of using a condom in order to prevent the possibility of contracting deadly viruses such as AIDS.

Of course, the best dogma would be to abstain from sex for that special person in your life. However, accept the fact the children may like to experience sex more out of curiosity that anything else. Reports indicate that more than 75 percent of teen pregnancy cases are the result of experimenting with sex. Thus, it is important that both the girls and boys understand that sex without protection is as good as suicide.

Be Ready to Help, Not Blame When the Teenager Turns to You

When and if you are faced with teen pregnancy in your home, learn to become a friend rather than a parent. Curb your urge to berate the hapless girl, because she is already suffering sufficiently. Be ready to support her in every which way that she needs. Ensure that the girl has appropriate medical treatment and correct advice.

On many occasions the teenagers who find themselves pregnant need a lot of counseling. They find themselves all of a sudden responsible for another human being who is growing inside them, and the thought is scary to say the least. These girls usually need a lot of reassurance and correct advice. There is a rising incident of pregnant teenagers running away from home because they found the atmosphere too oppressive.

The preventive measure against teen pregnancy is awareness. Try as much as you can to be there for your children by providing them the right guidance and support when if they need you. Life can be pretty rough for such children who do not have the emotional back up.