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Enjoy The Luxury And Adventure Of An Aspen Ski Vacation

Nestled deep in the Rocky Mountains is a small village which is quite famous for its ski resorts and beauty. This place, a haven for well-known Hollywood superstars as well as the All-American family, is none other than Aspen, Colorado, a famous and favorite ski resort for thousands worldwide. An Aspen ski vacation can definitely be the trip of a lifetime for both skiing lovers and haters alike. There’s much more to this vacation than skiing the slopes!

Aspen Ski Vacation: What To Expect On This Journey

Aspen, Colorado is home to the Rocky Mountain range with a top elevation of 11,212 feet and an annual snowfall of 300 inches.

There are no beginner level trails at Aspen, and most trails are between the intermediate and expert skier range, making this an ideal resort for avid and faithful skiers or competitive skiers. Aspen generally hosts about 9000 lodgers at any given time, making it a quaint spot to visit. Lodges and resorts in Aspen can be rather luxurious and pricey, yet some bargain packages can be obtained from travel agencies and through the internet.

Other areas of interest of an Aspen ski vacation are the restaurants and shopping areas that are scattered throughout the town itself. With a village-like atmosphere, trendy shops and stores line the streets, making it a pleasant walk up and down the way. Quaint taverns and breweries are a favorite meeting place for visitors as well as the locals.

Visiting these places while on your Aspen ski vacation is a great way to meet local townspeople and get a general feel of the area and culture of Aspen. Shops, such as skiing specialty shops, can be outrageously overpriced to some, yet for the jet-setters, they are right on the money!

As a family vacation spot, Aspen may seem a bit trendier than other ski resorts, yet it has plenty to offer a family, including family ski packages and special offers just for children. Family-friendly ski packages often include dining and shopping coupons with the package, as well as a several night stay at one of the lodges or hotels in the area. Budget hotel rooms can be purchased for those on a tighter budget. Enjoying an Aspen ski vacation is a wonderful way to brush up on your skiing and relax in a cozy setting as well. See you on the slopes!