Ski Vacation


Extreme Slopes Found On Canada Ski Vacation

If you are looking to add some extreme sports to your ski outing, you may want to look into a Canada ski vacation that includes heliskiing for a few days on some of the most breathtaking mountains in the country. From three to seven days your group can enjoy the great outdoor adventures that may begin at the top of a glacier and end below the tree line as you cut through several thousands of acres of fine powder.

These trip do not use buses or lifts to get you to the top of the ski runs, rather helicopters lift you to the top and since the trips are limited to a set number of people, there is virtually no waiting time for your ride. Heliskiing trips planned into your Canada ski vacation can make your mountainside experience quite extreme.

Numerous resorts exist where you can plan a Canada ski vacation, regardless of your experience level and they can be planned for a variety of lengths and practically all have something to offer everyone’s interests in your family or group. Whether strictly downhill skiing or heading cross-country, there will be something for just about everyone related to skiing.

Vacations Not Limited To The Slopes

When you plan a Canada ski vacation you are not limited to the typical lodge, lift and ski vacations, as you can, in addition to heliskiing trips, look into cat skiing, RV skiing excursions as well as scenic helicopter tours and dog sledding along with ice climbing. You can combine several activities in your Canada ski vacation to put new meaning to the term active vacation.

With a recreational vehicle tour, you travel at your own pace through wintry resorts and visit a number of ski areas on the road. Many of the available recreational vehicle tours on a Canada ski vacation give you the freedom to come and go, although mostly go, as you please, where you please at a pace that is comfortable to you. Leave sooner if you are not happy or stay longer if you fall in love with a mountain.

If skis are not your favorite means of going from the top of a mountain to the bottom, many of the sites offering a Canada ski vacation also offer snowboarding, as well as lessons for skiers of all experience levels. They can be planned as a family vacation or as a romantic getaway with resorts catering to each, or in some cases, to both.