Ski Vacation


Plan a New Zealand Ski Vacation in July

Passionate skiers need not stop practicing their sport because the snow disappears from Aspen and Snowmass in July. Down under in the southern hemisphere, New Zealand ski vacations are available during their winter months which run from June to October. New Zealand has spectacular scenery throughout the country that is made up of two main islands. One of the major ski resorts is only an hour drive from Christchurch, the capital and the major point of entry into the country by air. This area in New Zealand is known as the Southern Alps. The ski area is surrounded by farmlands so the atmosphere is quite restful for the perfect vacation.

New Zealand ski vacations in this area are reasonably priced and there are tour packages available that include airfare. The Mount Hutt ski area is the main attraction for skiers in this area. The organizers advertise the quality of the snow as a great attraction for the avid skier.

The snow cover is reliable so skiers booking in advance will probably find a good ski opportunity every year during the season. This New Zealand ski vacation will provide great opportunities for the entire family. The facilities are excellent for all skiers from beginners to experts.

New Zealand Ski Vacations Are Available in Four Main Areas

Mount Hutt has great opportunities for skiers, but there are other great areas as well so a skier should explore all the New Zealand ski vacation possibilities. Porter Heights is a great place for a New Zealand ski vacation. This area usually has great snow conditions during the season and spectacular scenery as a skier goes down the slopes. The atmosphere is like most of New Zealand which is known for the friendly people and easy traveling. The Big Mama run at this location has great facilities for the serious skier.

Mount Olympus and the surrounding area are perfect for a New Zealand ski vacation. The powder snow that covers this area during the season is some of the best in the world. The slopes are great, but the large area eliminates the congestion found on other popular ski runs. The accommodation available in the area is wonderful, and other activities including snowboarding are possible. This is a great atmosphere for a family of skiers with facilities for all ages and ski skills. New Zealand ski vacations are the best kept secrets in the world. The package tours are reasonable, and the opportunities for skiers are fantastic.