Tanning Beds



Dangers of High Pressure Tanning Beds

Critics are raving against the tanning bed industry, but the users continue to attend 15-30 minute sessions to keep their complexion. This is negligence towards ones health and dignity of scientific evidence. Skin cancers exist in higher numbers since the new era of tans evolved throughout the years.

Professionals are taking a stand against the industrys loosened regulations to protect consumers from developing skin conditions from high pressure tanning bed sessions. What more can be done if no one wants to listen to the professionals?  The question lies in the minds of lobbyists, tanners, and scientists.

Damaged Skin

Sun burns are some embarrassing effects of over tanning your skin. Are you in need of medical attention because you are experiencing huge bulges or uncomfortable burns? The high pressure tanning beds you use may be the cause of these conditions. More and more cases are taking the form of unusual coloring of the skin and distinct side effects.

Some conditions such as melanoma and others can damage the genetic makeup of your body. How important is your health? Can you remember the last sun burn you received from your tanning session? If so, consider what it could have developed into if you continued that session.

Disease Development

Melanoma is an extreme skin condition that creates large, liquidity bulges. As unattractive as it sounds, it really is not good for your health. Excessive use of high pressure tanning beds place you in a more dangerous predicament than ever. Young teenagers are prone to use these high pressure tanning beds without considering this kind of skin cancer occurring.

With the right information, diseases can be prevented if you really want to save your skins complexion and health. Dedicate some time and effort to research the causes related to high pressure tanning beds that you may have visited.

Effective Regulations

Continued efforts will not make progress unless the public decides to listen and adhere to policy. New tanning salons should have to pass a test of regulation to ensure the safety of consumers. The younger generations may need to have lessons discussed on the problems related to high pressure tanning bed usage; the message is in the shadows at this time.

Unless the National Institute of Health enforces these salons use, the public will remain astray to the possible skin conditions. What more can be done? Teach the lesson to anyone who uses the tanning salon services obsessively and have more brochures or warnings for potential victims.