Tanning Beds



Health Affected By Side Effects Of Tanning Beds

The side effects of tanning beds, according to the Food and Drug Administration as well as many health care professionals, are such that many recommend not using them. Actually, it is not the bed itself, rather the focused exposure to ultraviolet light.

It is true that many people work outside in the sun for a number of years and suffer no ill effects of natural ultraviolet light. There also others, who spend just a few minutes in the sun, and find themselves with melanoma, or skin cancer. This threat is a risk that many health professional say people should avoid. They also say that tanning outdoors will have the same side effects of tanning beds.

Several people cite the bodys need for Vitamin D from ultraviolet light as being good for them. While the body does need this vitamin, you can get enough of it in 15 minutes in the sun to last the entire day. Premature aging and drying of the skin are other side effects of tanning beds to consider. The more the skin is tanned, the easier it dries out causing a loss of elasticity. Not only will your skin be darker after tanning, it could also sag more.

Tans Take Time To Develop

When the skin is exposed to ultraviolet light, it produces melanin to protect itself from burning. It is this pigment, which causes the skin to darken and it may take three to five days for it to show. When people cant see immediate results, they tend to believe staying in the bed longer will help. The risk of overexposure, one of the side effects of tanning beds is to burn.

Just as a suntan may take time to develop, people who have tanned for years without visible problems may claim there are no ill side effects of tanning beds. Melanoma, or skin cancer, has been linked directly to exposure to ultraviolet light. This may take years to show, and until it does, that person may not understand the dangers.

Ultraviolet light has been found to have two forms, shortwave and longwave. The shortwave radiation is what causes sunburn. Longwave ultraviolet light penetrates deeper into the skin and slowly brings out the melanin, resulting in tanned skin. This is the type used in most tanning beds today. Some beds however, are equipped with both type of bulbs and the side effects of tanning beds could be a potential to burn while causing other, deep-rooted problems.