Tanning Beds



Power of The Sun: Tanning Beds Galore

Are you a fan of the sun tanning beds in your local tanning salon? Do you attend 30-minute sessions more than 10 times a year? If so, you could place yourself in harms way or the power of the suns way. Tanning bed salons use sun lights to give your body that extra smooth coating from your sessions. As you may have noticed, it can cause some harmful burns on your skin but it makes your complexion fuller. Ultraviolet rays are just one dose of what a sun tanning bed can do to your health; learning the inside scoop is another way to decide if it is right for you.

Complexion Debates

Doctors across the nation are rallying against the dangers of exceed ultraviolet (UV) rays available in sun tanning beds.

Lives are in danger through consistent use of tanning salons and it seems that the usage is not slowing down. Approximately 28 million people are enjoying the new look gathered from their visits, but the case of melanoma rises questions of the tanning beds safety. Why is it that teenagers are using these services in large doses? Some state that the tanning bed gives a complete change of the bodys make up to the users, but the answer lies in the users. The states can not regulate the tanning salons; there must be another way to fight the problem.

Skin Damage

Are there speckles of dark marks across your face? The power of the sun lies between you and your sun tanning bed. Remember, the rays are in immeasurable numbers if you do not pay attention to the settings.  UV rays can damage the skin by tearing through its layers with the power of the sun.

Doctors are unsure if people really understand the dangers resting upon them as they lie down in the sun tanning beds. Interest in these cases keeps the issue alive throughout the dermatologist sectors. The National Institute of Health has spoken its piece on the issue and changes are yet to be made. When will it end for the better of the youths chances of life?

American Media

What triggers a teenagers interest in the tanning industry? The news, magazines, and television shows portray its models as smooth, dark tanned beauties. We are influenced by the medias distinguishes of what real beauty consists of and tanning is tapping into the market at full speed. Should the media suggest better ways to accomplish the same look as the models? Maybe not in todays time because many will continue to use the sun tanning beds available at their local salon. The doctors opinion matters little when a young, peer-pressured teen is in need of a new coating to shine through the crowd.