Tanning Beds



Suntan Lotion For Tanning Beds: Very Important For The Quality Of Your Tan

When you get a membership to a tanning salon, the first thing the person behind the counter is going to try and do is to sell you some suntan lotion for tanning beds. This is very important as you cant just use any lotion to get a tan with. Especially with tanning beds, normal lotions that you would use for the beach will harm the acrylic that the beds are made out of. For this reason, there are special lotions that you must use. They arent cheap, some can even run a hundred dollars or more, but they are worth it when you consider that great tan youll end up with.

Different Lotions For Different Needs

They make different suntan lotions for tanning beds, depending on your desired look and how much you want to spend. Some suntan lotions for tanning beds come with bronzers that help you get tan quicker.

These add a special pigment to your skin to give you that great tanned look. These are great for those that dont tan very easily.

In fact, all suntan lotions for tanning beds offer different perks and are used for different results. Some are for those who dont tan easily and some are for those who get great results in the tanning bed and want an even darker tan. Ask the person behind the counter at your local tanning salon which suntan lotion for tanning beds would be perfect for you. They are usually well educated on the benefits of each and will more than likely be able to find the perfect one for you.

Of course, choosing the correct suntan lotion for tanning beds depends on how much youre willing to spend. Some salons offer cheaper versions but even their cheaper lotions cost forty dollars or more. Nowadays, the suntan lotions for tanning beds are so expensive that you had better use the lotion sparingly so that it lasts as long as possible.

You cannot tan in a tanning bed without suntan lotion. You also need to be careful that your lotion is capable of being used in a tanning bed. If youre not sure, ask the person behind the desk. You can save money by buying your tanning lotion for tanning beds at another store but be sure it is safe to use in the bed. You wouldnt want to ruin someone elses bed where you may have to end up paying for it in the end. And with some beds running as high as some used cars, unless you have the money, thats probably not an expense youre willing to dish out.

So, ask plenty of questions, educate yourself and find yourself the best suntan lotion for tanning beds thats right for you.