Tanning Beds



Cleaner Is Necessary Tanning Bed Accessory

Everyone who owns a tanning bed, whether one for the home or several for a salon, the subject of the best tanning bed accessory is sure to come up in conversation. Obviously, one of the first things you will need is lotion designed for indoor use. It is considered a tanning bed accessory you cant do without.

Another tanning bed accessory you cant avoid is a cleaner for the acrylic of the bed. This will need cleaned after every use and between every person to avoid the possibility of rashes or bacteria, including fungus, from growing or being spread between tanning bed users. A bed polish may also be on you list if your bed is extremely dirty. This tanning bed accessory is designed to remove heavy dirt and grime and leave the acrylic static free and dust resistant.

Cleaning And Sanitizing Are Daily Needs

Care needs to be taken when cleaning tanning bed acrylic, however, as dirt on the bed or on the cloth combined with too much pressure while rubbing the surface can causes scratches in the plastic. If it is scratched, however there is a tanning bed accessory to remove light scratches and another for heavier ones. If the scratch is too big, or turns into a crack, the acrylic will need replaced.

When you sanitize your bed, the correct amount of sanitizer mixed in the water is important. To insure the proper strength is used, a tanning bed accessory known as quat-strips allows you to easily measure the strength. Too little will not clean the bed, promoting the growth of bacteria, and too much may cause an allergic reaction in some people.

No locker for your tanning bed accessory would be complete without eye protection and there are several types and style available. Although most people opt for the cheapest they can find, there are other folks who want something different. Whichever you choose, make sure they are worn whenever you expose yourself to ultraviolet light to prevent eye trouble.

Ozone eradicators are another tanning bed accessory used mostly for the home. This item is similar to an ozonators used in spa and hot tubs and it emits periodic bursts of ozone, which helps kill bacteria and other germs. Used in connection with items for the tanning bed, such as your eye protection, will keep them free of bacteria. You may want to throw in towel you use to wipe down the bed, even after running it through the washing machine, for an additional measure of safety.