Tanning Beds



Tanning bed Light Bulbs: A Bright Idea

In a tanning bed, the part that will most likely go bad first is the most important partthe light bulb.  The light bulb, the part that actually provides the tanning.  Thats sort of a given.  However, you probably didnt know that tanning bed light bulbs can vary greatly.  From the brightness to the amount of UVA and UVB radiation that the lights emit, there are many different options. 

What Bulb Is Best For Me?

There are many different kinds of bulbs for tanning beds as previously stated.  Thus, in order to find the right fit bulb for you, you need to a bit of your own research.  The standard bulb contains about 5% UVB, but there are variations on that number depending on the preference of the specific desires of the user of the tanning. 

Other than that, there are various vendors on the internet that sell a variety of bulbs for a variety of tanning beds.  Tanningonline.com is a great place to start, having a nice variety of tanning bed bulbs to choice from.  Theres also sunenterprises.com which has another varied selection of tanning bed bulbs.  Theres also the less popular discount-light-bulbs.com, which also has tanning bed bulbs, but they dont provide tanning bed light bulbs exclusively. 

The suggestion of the author is to, as always, start with the owners manual of the particular machine you are looking for the replacement bulb for.  That should provide you with a significant amount of information for your replacement bulbs.  Then, I would consider moving onto the manufacturers website to discover more about your options you have for your bulbs. 

Of course, theres also a difference between whether you are looking for the best bulb, or the economy bulb.  The economy bulb is, of course, not as fancy and is definitely more limited in options, but for those of you on a limited budget, this would be a great option.  The best place to find the best bulb for the cost would be on bizrate.com.  On bizrate, you simply do a search for tanning bed light bulbs and it will provide you with a multitude of vendors that offer bulbs for you to pick from. 

As with most things, the bulb decision mostly comes down to a matter of preferencehow much you want to spend, the type of bulb you want, the radiation ratio that you desire from the bulb.  The best option for anyone at this point is to research what your options are at any given time.