Tanning Beds



Tanning Bed Cleaner: Promotes A Healthy Tan

Whether you own your own or are using a tanning bed at a salon, you want it to be clean. Disease prevention is the main thought about using a tanning bed cleaner, however there are other reasons for maintaining the bed involved.

People using a tanning bed, due to the nature of the bed itself, will sweat and leave it on the acrylic covering the bulbs. If not cleaned and sanitized properly, it can cause germs, including fungus, to grow and to be spread to subsequent users. A salon with a reputation of not using a tanning bed cleaner properly will not be in business for very long.

Additionally, people climbing in and out of a tanning bed and the subsequent cleaning can also cause the acrylic bed to become dull, partially blocking the ultraviolet light from penetrating evenly. Using a tanning bed cleaner designed to help bring the clarity of the acrylic to its original condition can help make the bulbs last longer and improve the tanning capability of the bed.

Depending on the age and condition of the acrylic, a good tanning bed cleaner can improve the tanning capabilities by 20 to 40 percent, which will reduce the amount of time needed for tanning. It will also reduce the electric used due to it being used for les time.

The Entire Bed Needs To Be Cleaned Periodically

When cleaning the acrylic on a tanning bed, dont forget to use some of the tanning bed cleaner on the outer part of the bed as well, especially where a persons hands may have landed to open or close the bed. The area immediately under the acrylic should also be sanitized properly as that is where a users sweaty legs have probably pushed against it getting out of the bed.

Using a good tanning bed cleaner on the exterior at least once a week is also recommended to help maintain a new appearance and preserve the appearance of the unit. An old, uncared for look of the equipment will not help a salon maintain their customers.

There have been people who stayed away from a salon due to the appearance of the tanning beds. Some believe that a dirty-looking beds are a sign that cleanliness and the health of the customers isnt important to the ownership, and take their business where the use of a quality tanning bed cleaner is part of their daily routine.