Tanning Beds



Before You Buy, Know Tanning Bed Facts

Ultraviolet light thats emitted by bulbs in a tanning bed are the same as those emanating from the sun and unless care is taken when exposed to this light, health problems can develop. As for owning a bed for your home, you should obtain al the tanning bed facts you can before you take the plunge.

One of the first things you need to know is your skin type. The lighter the skin tone, the faster it is likely to become burned. The attendant at a tanning salon can help define your skin type, discuss tanning bed facts and recommend the appropriate sin block. Do not use anything except oils designed for indoor tanning. Some lotions may stick to the acrylic covering the tanning bulbs.

Shy away from sunburns. That may sound like pretty simple advice, but staying in a tanning bed too long, or in one that is too powerful, either for your skin type or for the first few times can cause a burn. It is a well-known tanning bed fact that sunburn can cause skin cancer.

Choose Your Bed Carefully

Tanning beds can now be purchased at reasonable prices for your private use at home. And while the bed size remains the same, the strength of the bulbs is what will determine how strong it is. Some tanning bed facts about the home versions, are they are pretty much the same, except at a tanning salon they have several beds of varying strengths.

At the beginning of your tanning season, the lower the power, the safer. As your skin adapts to being tanned, the strength of the bed can be increased. This is one of the tanning bed facts that most salesmen wont divulge while selling you one for your home. Changing the bulbs from lower to higher as you tan is really impractical, considering the cost and the time.

While it may be cheaper to own your own when comparing the cost of the bed to the number of times you pay for tanning sessions. Plus, since it wont be used all throughout the day the bulbs should last longer. The cost of bulbs is another of the tanning bed facts to consider before purchasing your own.

If you arent the type who will use a tanning bed very often, owning your own probably wont be a good financial decision. Due to potential maintenance, cleaning and additional electric costs, it may be cheaper to continue paying someone else.