Tanning Beds



Loads Of Tanning Bed Information Available

There is a lot of tanning bed information out there, and very little of it is good, especially if it comes from the Food and Drug Administration or a medical source. As discouraging as it may be to someone thinking about beginning to tan in a tanning bed, being informed is the best way to stay healthy.

Unless you have ignored several types of tanning bed information, you are already aware that tanning can cause skin cancer. Whether its in a tanning bed or in the sunshine, exposure to ultraviolet light has the same effects. This type light spurs the body to release melanin to darken the skin to protect it from burning.

Another natural protection your body uses is replacing the surface layer of skin about every 28 days. When you are exposed to shortwave ultraviolet light, your skins burns and that can increase the replacement time of skin to about every five days. This type of tanning bed information is available, but usually only from medical sources.

Most of todays tanning beds use longwave ultraviolet light, which does not cause sunburn as readily. Instead, this type of light affects the skin under the surface and while the effects may not be readily visible, tanning bed information acknowledges it can, over a long period of exposure, not only cause cancer, but can also contribute to the loss of elasticity in the skin.

Alternative Of Pressure Tanning Lights

Tanning bed information is also available on a newer style of tanning beds that use pressurized quartz lighting instead of ultraviolet lights. Its called pressurized due to the gases inside the quartz lights is of a pressure a little higher than the normal atmospheric pressure. The main drawback is that its not available in a clamshell-type enclosure and the user can only tan one side at a time.

The advantages include not having pressure marks on your skin from resting on the hard acrylic plastic of a tanning bed, and the fear of cancer-causing ultraviolet light is near eliminated. Other tanning bed information about quartz lighting lists being able to sit comfortably in a reclining position for about 12 minutes, turn over for another 12 minutes and youre done. Always seated or lying in comfort.

Whatever method you believe to be right for you, before buying your own bed, or signing up with a salon for regular tanning session be sure to get all tanning bed information you can get your hands on to allow you to make the best informed choice possible.