Tanning Beds



Does Tanning Bed Lotion Protect You Against The Harmful Rays?

Indoor tanning is gaining more and more popularity because it is convenient and easy. It is, however, essential to remember the minimum required protection in order to protect your skin from harmful burns or diseases.

Simple Steps To Protect Your Skin

Tanning beds are generally a lot more powerful that the direct sun rays and it uses the same UVA and UVB which subsequently means you are at the same risk as when exposed to direct sun rays.

Tanning bed lotions can help you protect your skin as well as keep your glowing tan longer than normal. There are many types of tanning bed lotions and they usually should be applied immediately after you have undergone a tanning session.

Tanning bed lotions help your skin to hydrate itself as well as maintain the just acquired tan. The ingredient of tanning bed lotions amongst others is also tyrosine, which works as a stimulant to the skin pigment melanin. Melanin, in turn, will oxidize in contact with UVA rays and you will obtain the glowing tan you were desired. 

Tanning bed lotions also contain a very strong antioxidant, which is vitamin E; this vitamin helps your skin to prevent wrinkles and hydrate as well. It is very important you take care of your skin before, during and after the tanning process.


Tanning looks fabulous and can be acquired from the sun and a tanning parlor; both the places have the same risk factors but they can be prevented efficiently by UVA and UVB blocking creams as well as tanning bed lotions.

Tanning parlors are more in demand because they are convenient and can get you the same tan in half the time and when you want it not when you can have it; in other words, you can have a great tan year round from a tanning salon and look fabulous and healthy.

However, being aware of the risks involved when you acquire a tan is essential as well as taking the required measures to prevent and fight skin diseases that are occurred from these tanning sources. Look great but not at the risk of your health. Besides no one wants wrinkles prematurely or ever if possible so, take extra care of your face when tanning no matter where or how.

Helpful Fact

Even during winter time when you cannot see the sun, its rays are harmful to your exposed skin therefore, try and wear a face lotion that contains at least 15 SPF at all times.