Tanning Beds



Tanning Bed Accessories:  Pillows

Are you comfortable while during your tanning bed sessions? Pillows are available to relax your muscles during the 15-30 minute sessions you have. Even more, other accessories are available through the manufactures online. Checking into the best deals on tanning bed pillows is easy work, but buying the most comfortable one requires trial and error. What kind of pillow would you like to add to your indoor tanning bed? Will it be in the form of a rectangular shape? Will it be a circle (in case you have neck problems)? Can you describe the comfort you would like from your new pillow?

Reasonable Cost

The costs of the tanning bed pillows range from $20 - $50, but others are much more expensive. Some manufacturers make custom pillows for the individualistic tanner, but most are suitable for any and everyone with hopes of a great tanning experience.

If you are interested in a personal one, it is best to contact various distributors or designers with that possibility. Direct manufacturing costs are low with most vendors. Specialized casings are available as well, but these run at a reasonable rate. If undecided, an all-for-one tanning bed pillow could be understandable for tanning salons on a tight budget.


Some tanning bed pillows are very uncomfortable; many complain because they have neck problems. With the combined heat, no one enjoys the pinching sensation they experience with the pillows. The rectangular pillows are suited for thinner individuals with broad shoulders. These individuals can be male or female; it depends on who prefers which design. The actual effectiveness of the tanning bed pillow is never decided until the users try it.

Some prefer the circle tanning bed pillows because they soften the tanning experience. The design is fit for anyone interested in a complete cushioning around their neck and spine.

Accessorizing tanning beds with pillows has reached a great number in sales. Tanning salons are benefiting from the comforts their clients feel while attending their shops and customers are coming back for me. Despite the characteristics of most tanning bed pillows, all are considered comfortable and pleasurable by users. Certain tanning salons are adapting this fad in a way to continue business with accessorized machines. With direct purchases, tanning salons can buy personalized tanning bed pillows to help brand their company all the way to the sun bulb located in their shops.