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When It All Falls Apart: Tanning Bed Replacement Parts

Like everything else in life, tanning beds will break, and tanning beds will need replacement parts.  Luckily, there are many services for all your tanning bed replacement part needs, and believe me there, are quite a few parts to pick from.  The best place to find replacement parts is of course, as all good things are, on the internet. 

What All Can Possibly Go Wrong?

A tanning bed is a fairly complex piece of machinerythere are plenty of things that can go very wrong and require you to locate replacement parts for your tanning bed.  For example, the average tanning bed has lamps, lamp sockets, igniters, pistons, acrylics, ballasts, and of course, capacitors. 

Any replacement part for a tanning bed can be rather expensive, as are all pieces of replacement equipment.  Luckily, the majority of tanning beds come with some sort of warranty involved so hopefully, you wont have to purchase any tanning bed replacement parts

But, in the unfortunate event that you do not have a warranty on your tanning bed, again the best place to find an dealer for your tanning bed replacement parts is on the internet.  The first place to always start looking is of course, the manufacturers website of the particular tanning bed you happen to own. 

Outside of that, there are of course third party websites that sell your tanning bed replacement parts.  The foremost of these websites is Sunbedservice.com., which has a variety of lamps, pistons, and basically everything else that can go wrong on your tanning bed, they have a replacement part for it. 

There is also a site called etstan.com, which is a website that offers full service for tanning beds, which is another route you can go.  However, you should keep in mind that like most thing involving anyone specialized, they will make you pay for that specialty.  Therefore, they have potential to be very expensive endeavor as opposed to just buying and installing your tanning bed replacement parts.  However, if you dont have the expertise then it would make sense that you need to pursue that avenue. 

That being said, your tanning bed replacement parts can easily be found on the internethowever what you do with those parts what you find them is totally up to you.  It totally depends what your expertise is with the tanning beds.